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Mr. Istayak Ansari

Director & Co-founder

Equipped with a MBA in Marketing from MET (Mumbai) and M.Com in Business Management from Mumbai University, Mr. Istayak Ansari, has more than 15 years of experience in business. Mr. Istayak Ansari’s last professional stint was with Gold’s Gym as a Chief Operating Officer. He was instrumental in setting up over 86+ Gold’s Gym outlets across 46+ cities in India. Mr. Istayak Ansari quit Gold’s Gym in 2013 to pursue his entrepreneurial enterprises. After an eventful career in Gold's Gym, he forayed into the Beauty and Wellness industry by becoming founding Director of Lloyds Luxuries Ltd. which owns the Master Franchise for Truefitt & Hill in India and 6 other countries as is his first entrepreneurial venture. Mr. Istayak Ansari is also a Director and Cofounder in two more start- ups Puriso Handcrafted Soaps, which manufacture and markets bath and body products and Luxelife Ventures a real estate consulting company. Mr. Istayak Ansari’s family business was that of a bakery, which specialized in breads, cookies and cakes made in a wood fired oven. Given these roots, it’s no surprise that he was inspired to follow his passion and start a Wood Fired Pizzeria of his own.

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