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Mr. Renato Viola


Renato Viola is one of Italy’s best Master Pizza Chefs in the world. In addition to this he is a proud member of the Italian Acrobatic Pizza Team whom in fact have won various awards in pizza making competitions in Italy and all across Europe; such as Monte Carlo, Paris, Las Vegas, Miami, London, Rome, Naples, Stuttgart, Dublin, Edinburgh and Milan. We are all somewhat familiar with the Authentic Italian Pizza however with his highly acclaimed talents he modernizes this classic combining both traditional pizza making methods with new broad flavors. Renato also specializes in Classic Pizza, Pizza in Pala (Meter-long pizza), Pizza in Teglia (Pizza in rectangulartray) and Pane Pizza (Pizza Bread), however the list goes on. His vast knowledge of pizza ovens is impeccable from the authentic wood fire to the all electric oven. Being a trained Pizza Instructor, he has trained several pizza chefs and have provided many advices to other pizzerias as they approach their grand openings. Currently he is instrumental in launch of 1441 pizzeria. Chef Renato Viola resides in Miami Beach and has opened a unique modernized authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of South Beach named Visa-O1 which is the best pizzeria in Miami.

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